The Boy Who Lost Laughter. 

Theatre/ Film/Tour/ Engagement

date. 2006- present 

cities. Many

Next stage. South America Jan-March 2021

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The  Boy Who Lost Laughter……

In 2004 Adam McGuigan worked with Theatre Director, Alan Richardson to create a one person street theatre show which could be toured around a variety of countries not using language. Performances took place in England, Ireland and Wales before touring South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia for 6 months in 2006. The show was performed in town squares, schools, churches, orphanages, youth centres and drop in centres. 

In 2015 Adam teamed up with theatre artists in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Egypt to continue the tour. 

The project will take off next in Argentina in February 2021. 

Beware humanity!




And we need you help.


Across the world a global epidemic has been reported. 


From Lusaka to Lagos, From Las Vegas to London, From Rio to Beijing A distinct lack of children’s laughter has been reported, across the planet. 


Somewhere across the world are the children who are the only ones who can save the day. These children hold the answer without which we are all doomed.


Is it you? 


Are you special ones who will help save the planet?


They must  must find out the chosen ones, the laughing warriors, the chosen children, the only ones who can save the day and locate the lost laughter! 


Its time to laugh before its too late……….