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Escape from Fort Lagoon.

Immersive Theatre Game

date. Available for touring 2024. Dates TBC

'Think 'Squid Games' meets 'The Crystal Maze'…in 'Jurassic Park'...with swimming.'- Audience member

Escape from Fort Lagoon imagines a world where water sources have tipped over the PH level safe for human consumption. Water is now a coveted resource fiercely guarded by the few and (as humans are 60% water)...supplied by the many…THAT’S YOU!


Escape from Fort Lagoon is a live action, immersive theatre game where players become prisoners and you must work together to try and escape the Lagoon...Before the runaways become the refreshments.

Through a series of theatrical encounters, cutting edge app technology, escape room-esque activities and an epic game of cat and mouse, players must work together to find the clues and unlock the secrets of Fort Lagoon.

In this outdoor adventure prepare for; working as a team, being pursued, pushing yourself and laughing a lot as you and your group battle to save your H2O…before the time is up and everyone runs out of ‘steam’. 

This is a water based adventure so you will need your swimming gear and a towel! Please contact us if you want to take part but don’t wish to swim, as we have various options available.

'Escape from Fort Lagoon' is Arts Council England funded and co-commissioned by Marketplace and Barrowfull Creative People and Places programmes, with support from Frank and Cindy Franklin. 










We want everyone who wants to take part to be able to take part:

  • There is a shorter, step free route through the experience.

  • The adventure sometimes goes onto firm grass and there is a light slope throughout the location.

  • If the weather is bad the pathways will be reinforced.

  • There will be accessible toilets on site.

  • We are using a phone based app that can deliver content in different ways - audio descriptions and script as text. 

  • To get into the water there is a hand rail to hold onto and a hoist if needed.

  • The adventure is time-based but there will be opportunities to find a quieter space and rest if you need to. 


Beyond this, because of the nature of the event we think it best to address each audience member’s access requirements individually, so please email us to discuss your needs.


We’ll liaise with you directly and individually during the booking process about what else is needed to make this event exciting and welcoming for you.

‘A really out of the box

experience. We were

surprised, chased,

laughing and scheming

throughout. Loved it.’

- Player, Barrow

‘All a bit of a

mind bend.


- Player Mildenhall

‘I have never seen my child so engaged, he listened so intently and pretended to be a cleaner to escape the Barbara - I wish he cleaned that much at home!’ - Player Mildenhall

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