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FLOOD. by Theatre Témoin
Interactive/ Circus/ Music/ Acrobatics 

date. 2019. 2022-24 Tour

UK outdoor festivals 

Adam McGuigan is Associate Artist with Theatre Témoin

Reharshal Inside LRes_063.jpg

'FLOOD' is a new interactive outdoor visual spectacle depicting a conversation between UK coastal communities and the world’s ocean as both start to feel ‘seasick’. 

Through circus, music and acrobatics FLOOD explores links between the unique challenges of Britain’s coastal communities and the health of the world’s ocean. 

'FLOOD' uses intimate sound design with epic outdoor umbrellas to create both an intimate and epic outdoor experience, which thrives in wet conditions. 

Theatre Témoin worked with Essex University Life Science students and RNLI/ Sea Cadet branches in the South East of England through participatory drama based workshops.

Through circus, music, dance and acrobatics 'FLOOD' brings to life a conversation between communities and the sea in a playful and visually epic language including sound installation, carnival and movement.

'FLOOD' is a fully BSL integrated water show.


‘Movement with music was mesmerising, the jellyfish was stunning and fun... yet the characters search for answers was moving and haunting’.  Audience member

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