The Bathkeepers Secret

Interactive Live Action Theatre Game

Adam and Jude Sept 2019 Withington Swimm

date. 2021

city. UK tour

Adam and Jude Sept 2019 Withington Swimm

The Bathkeeper's Secret' is an interactive immersive theatre game by 

Wake The Beast and Submersion Productions.

The game combines swimming, theatre and communities in a fun, inspiring and accessible experience. The game promotes the value of swimming, art and reclaiming community spaces to encourage healthier and happier individuals and communities across England.

Think 'The Crystal Maze' meets 'The Amazing Race' with swimming. The experience takes 2 hours per team and concludes with a final 'submersion' sound and water immersion.

Stay under the radar, work together to survive and prepare for Immersion.... the Bathkeepers are watching