Theatre/ Circus/ Festival

date. Summer 2021 (Europe/Africa tour)

city. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Co-production with Barefeet and Circus Zambia

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Afronauts is a cosmic clash of circus, theatre, music, hip hop dance and space exploration. In the 1960’s, with the space race in full swing, the quest for interplanetary exploration between the Earth’s superpowers gained a new contender…. Zambia.


The plan was to use an aluminium rocket, and send a girl, two cats and a missionary to the moon. A moving tale of hope, audacity and how to sustain your dreams when the world may laugh at you.


Based on true events.


Written and Directed by Gift Chansa and Adam McGuigan

Afronauts will be touring the UK, Ireland and Holland in summer 2021 before performing at the Edinburgh Festival as part of ASSEMBLY.